Wae Rebo Village Tour Package from Labuan Bajo

Wae Rebo Village Tour Package from Labuan Bajo

The Wae Rebo village Tour package from Labuan Bajo is one of the best tours to explore Flores Island. This tour will start from Labuan Bajo. Wae Rebo trip offers a daily schedule with a minimum of participants is 2 people.

Wae Rebo is located on West Flores Island, Indonesia. It is one of the traditional houses found on Flores Island. The houses are cone-shaped and there are seven traditional houses. The traditional houses are called Mbaru Niang. Mbaru Niang is where you can store your harvest or other agricultural products.

In each house in Wae Rebo, there is more than one family. The people in the village are working as farmers. They plant coffee, bananas, mango, and many others. They work together on the farm which is called dodo or Gotong Royong in Indonesia.

What to Experience in the Wae Rebo Village Tour Package from Labuan Bajo?

The highlight of the tour is visiting Wae Rebo and experiencing its traditional house and the history of the village. However, there are some other places to visit during this trip.

The following are things to experience on your Wae Rebo tour package:
  • Visiting Melo village. This is one of the best points to enjoy a beautiful view of Labuan Bajo. Melo village is located about 15 minutes from Labuan Bajo.
  • Stop at Lembor for an amazing rice field view. Lembor is a village in West Flores. This village is the largest rice field production on Flores Island. You can also stop for lunch in local restaurants along the main road.
  • Enjoy the beautiful view of Denge village. This village is a place where you will start the trek to Wae Rebo. Denge has a stunning rice field view. You can stop to relax in this village before taking a 3-hour trek to Wae Rebo.
  • Experience a trek through a rainforest to Wae Rebo village. This trek will go through a small road with a rocky road. You will find a river on the way, take relax and enjoy the fresh water.
  • Experience staying in a traditional house in Wae Rebo, a warm welcome by local people, original coffee, interacting with the locals, having sunrise, and taking pictures of the village. You will also hear the history of the village from the village chef.
  • Visit Spider Web Rice Field or Lingko Lodok at Cancar Village, Manggarai. This Spider Rice Field represents the land divide of Manggarai ethnic. You can enjoy the spectacular view of Lingko Lombok or Spider Rice Field.

The Trip Itinerary to Wae Rebo

The trip will start from Labuan Bajo. You will be picked up at 07.30 am and drive through the Trans Flores road. It takes approximately 5 to 6 hours to get to Wae Rebo including a 3 hours trekking.

Day 1: Labuan Bajo – Wae Rebo

Pick up at 07.30 am from your hotel. The first to visit is Melo village and then continue to Lembor. After that, you will continue to Denge village and then Wae Rebo village.

Day 2: Lingko Lodok – Labuan Bajo

Depart from Labuan Bajo at 07.30 am. The first to visit is Lingko Lodok or Spider Rice Field. After that, you will continue to Labuan Bajo. The driver will drop you off at your hotel or airport. The tour ends.

To see more details of the tour, price, and itinerary, including, and excluding the price, you can visit the page 2 Days 1 Night Wae Rebo Village tour package from Labuan Bajo. This tour package offers a daily departure with a minimum number of participants of 2 people.

How to Get to Labuan Bajo?

Labuan Bajo is the main tourism are in Flores. This small town is located western part of Flores Island. Labuan Bajo is the main gateway to start the Komodo trip and Flores Island tours.

The Labuan Bajo town is accessible by air, sea, and land. You can go from Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, and Lombok Island. The best recommended to get there is to start from Bali or Lombok.

The following are the best way to get to Labuan Bajo:
  • Flight from Denpasar, Bali. The flight from Bali frequently departs to Labuan Bajo. It takes 1 hour to get there from Denpasar, Bali.
  • Boat tour from Lombok. This boat tour will take 4 days and 3 nights. It goes via Komodo National Park and then will end in Labuan Bajo.
  • Boat from Bali. This boat has two schedules every month. You will need to check the boat schedule if you want to join the trip with this boat. It will take approximately 32 hours.
  • Bus and ferry from Lombok. The bus and ferry from Lombok will take approximately 27 hours to get to Labuan Bajo. You will go via Sumbawa Island.

The trip to Wae Rebo village will include meals, a night stay in Wae Rebo, a tour guide, an entrance fee, a private car, and mineral water. It does not include insurance, personal expenses, and guide tips. The best recommendation is you will need to prepare your travel insurance.

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What to Prepare Before Joining the Tour?

This trip is an adventure trip. You will go to an isolated village. You will drive through a rainforest and trek through the rocky road leading to the village from Denge. Therefore, you will need to prepare yourself well.

To join the trip, you must have a good physical condition, no heart attack, back pain, or other physical problems. Before joining the tour to Wae Rebo village, it is advisable to exercise a lot and do breathing exercises.

You will also need to bring a lot of cash. There is no Bank or ATM in the village. If you need to buy something, you should buy them when you are in Labuan Bajo. Bring enough clothes and medicine, just in case something happens to your health. There is no pharmacy or hospital in the village.

In Wae Rebo village, there is no western toilet. You will need to bring your own tissue. The bathroom is based on a shared with other people. The fresh natural water in the village is also the best to experience. Enjoy the morning coffee with local people from the village.

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