Top Komodo Island Boat Tours to Book

Traveling to Komodo is a must-do while holidaying in Indonesia. Komodo National Park is located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Komodo island boat tours are the only best way to access the Komodo National Park.

Komodo Island tours can start from Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Lombok. These three places are the best recommended to start your sailing trip to Komodo National park. You can book a private trip or join group tours.

If you are in Bali, you can join shared Komodo island tours from Bali. These sailing trips will depart two times a week. You will explore Nusa Penida, Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa, and Komodo. The sailing tour will end in Labuan Bajo, Flores.

For those who stay in Lombok and want to do a Komodo sailing trip, you can join the Komodo island tours from Lombok. The tours depart three times a week on group tours of 40 people in a Phinisi boat.

The most preferred way to explore Komodo is by joining Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo. These tours offer daily departure on private and shared tours. You will be able to choose the boat types, private or Phinisi Liveaboard.

Top Komodo Island Boat Tours to Book

If you want to visit the Komodo National Park, the first to know about is a boat tour to Komodo Island. You will have to select the great boat tour to make your Komodo island trip successful.

The following are some of the recommended boat tours to Komodo Island:

  1. Wae Rebo Phinisi Liveaboard is one of the standard comfortable boat tours to Komodo from Labuan Bajo. This boat offers daily departure on private service. This boat is perfect for Komodo island tours from Cruises ship.
  2. Segara Liveaboard is a standard comfortable Phinisi boat from Labuan Bajo to Komodo. The boat capacity is 20 people for group tours and 10 people for a Komodo private tour.
  3. Putri Sakinah Komodo Island Boat trip. This boat is perfect for family Komodo island day tours. It is also good for a group tour for 3 days and 2 nights Komodo island tour package.
  4. Bajo Sunset Cruise is one of the best Komodo boat trips from Labuan Bajo. The boat accommodates all your perfect trips to Komodo National Park. This is the perfect boat if you want to experience the best Komodo island tours.
  5. Ramdhani Phinsi Boat. This boat is perfect if you are looking for good vibes. It is designed to make your Komodo dragon island tours become memorable. The crew boat is friendly and helpful during the trip.
  6. Wanua Adventure Boat is a longest running boat from Labuan Bajo and Lombok. This boat only provides group tours with a maximum of 40 people. If you want to look for a perfect boat sailing for TripAdvisor Komodo island tour packages, the Wanua Adventure is recommended.

Those are the perfect boat tour to Komodo. For booking and more boat details, you can visit the Komodo island tours page. There are many varieties of tour arrangements provided by Komodo Wisata tours and travel.

What Places are the best recommended to Visit?

For your great travel experience during the Flores and Komodo island tours, the following are recommended places to visit:

  1. Gili Lawa Island is one of the best places to trek and has a sunset. This island is located in northwest Komodo Island. You can hike to the top for spectacular views and enjoy sundown. Gili Lawa has two part, Gili Lawa darat and Gili Lawa Laut.
  2. Siaba Island is a perfect place for snorkeling, swimming, and relaxing on the beach. This is Inhabitat island is where you can enjoy all the island vibes. Siaba offers white-sand beaches and perfect corals.
  3. Kelor Island is an island where you can hike for spectacular views. This island also offers a perfect spot for snorkeling. You can enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches. The best time to visit the island is when sunrise.
  4. Kanawa Island is a small island located near Labuan Bajo. This island is perfect to enjoy the beautiful views. You can also be snorkeling and relax on the white sand beach on the island.
  5. Komodo Island is an island where the Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. There are over 300 Komodo Dragons found on the island. You need to trek to find Komodo Dragons. Besides that, you will also visit the Komodo village, the only village found on the island. Experience the local community life.
  6. Kalong Island is an island where you can see thousands of bats flying over the island. This island is a mangrove island with no population living here. The Komodo island boat tours are most overnight on this island.
  7. Manta Point is a place where you can snorkel with schools of Manta Rays. Besides that, you can also enjoy beautiful coral gardens and colorful fish.
  8. Taka Makasar is a white sand Bai Island. You will enjoy walking on this island, snorkeling, and swimming.
  9. Rinca Island is located in south Padar island. It is an island where you can see Komodo Dragons and other wildlife. There you can trek to find Komodo and great sea views from the top.
  10. Pink Beach is located on Komodo island. It is a beautiful beach with pink sand beach, perfect for snorkeling and swimming. You can also hike on the small hill on both sides of the island to take pictures.

What are the prices of the Komodo boat?

The Komodo island shore tours price starts from $100 to $250 per person for shared boat tours. If you book a private boat, it will cost from $2000 to $6000 per boat, depending on the quality and the boat facilities.

These prices include meals during the trip, hotel, and airport transfers in Labuan Bajo. If you book on a shared tour package, you will also get free Komodo entrance fees. Meanwhile, if you book a private Komodo trip, the price doe not include entrance fees.

Cabin room and shared cabin are all-inclusive on the price both for private and shared tours. Komodo island private tours will allow you to use all the boat facilities during the sailing trip.

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