Furniture made of teak wood is the right choice if you want wooden furniture to be part of the exterior design of your home. Teak furniture is often used as outdoor furniture because it is considered stronger than other types of wood furniture. It’s not just a myth, but this teak wood furniture has proven its toughness as outdoor furniture.

Teak tree, known as the Latin name Tectona grandis, is a type of tree that originates from tropical regions such as Indonesia. History records that this type of wood has been used to beautify and decorate the dwellings of the rich and powerful since the early 7th century. Teak wood is even used to make boats because teak wood does not rot easily when exposed to water, unlike other wood which rots easily when submerged for too long.

In today’s market, Indonesian teak furniture does have a higher price than other types of wooden furniture. But if you don’t have a problem with the price, let’s see why teak furniture is very suitable as outdoor furniture:
1. Strong durability – Furniture made of teak wood has long been recognized as the strongest and most durable type of furniture because this furniture is not easily deformed or damaged even though it has been used for a very long time. This wood is also very resistant to various types of extreme weather conditions, be it very hot weather or very heavy rain. If weather changes are often a problem for other types of wooden furniture, then teak furniture is not a problem.
2. Easy maintenance – Regardless of the type of finish, be it varnished, oiled or colored, teak furniture is still the type of furniture that is very easy to clean and maintain. Even without finishing it, teak furniture will still look beautiful, durable and easy to care for.
3. Mildew and termite resistant – Unlike other types of wood. Teak wood can retain its natural oil content even though it has been cut and dried. This natural oil content makes teak furniture resistant to fungi and insects, including termites.

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