3 Best Nusa Penida Island Tours

Nusa Penida is part of the Nusa island group. This island is located in southeast Bali. It is a 30-40 minute boat from Sanur beach, Bali. Komodo Wisata offers the 3 best Nusa Penida Island Tours.

If you plan to book Nusa Penida tours, you can visit some online portals or some street vendors in Bali. There you can find a variety of tours to Nusa Penida to book.  The types of tour packages are day tours and overnight.

For your best Nusa Penida tour, try searching for the best-recommended tour company from Bali. Komodo Wisata is an online booking tour for Nusa Penida Island. You can enjoy this special offer for couples and small groups of travelers.

At Komodo Wisata, you can also book Nusa Penida tour packages for 2 days and 1 night. This tour package is suitable for groups of travelers, small family groups, and honeymoons. Enjoy exploring and a stay on Paradise Island.

You can also book a Nusa Penida tour package for one day from Bali or from Nusa Penida. This tour will only visit some places in the west or east of the island. Meanwhile, if you want to explore all sides, you need to go on a 2-day tour package. This will allow you to explore whole places on the island.

Our 3 Best Nusa Penida Island Tours

Komodo Wisata has selected all the suitable Nusa Penida tours to meet your holiday satisfaction. All the tour packages are suitable for all travel budgets. You can go on a private or shared group tour.

The Nusa Penida tour price is available on the tour itinerary. You can choose to book at the best price that is suitable for your holiday budget. Our price ranges from $74 to $150 per person. It will be more expensive if you go on peak season, however, Komodo Wisata always offers some special discounts.

Komodo Wisata is a Nusa Penida Tour Agent that always puts safety ahead in all activities. Our team has 10 years of experience in tourism and a well-educated background. Enjoy your Nusa Penida tour with our great tour guide.

One of our best tours recommended is Nusa Penida 1 day tour. This tour package will explore Nusa Penida in 10 hours from Bali. You will do a snorkeling tour and boat exploring.

Below are the best Nusa Penida tours to Book:

  1. West Nusa Penida Day tour package. This tour package will explore all the places in the West part of the island. You can visit Kelingking beach, Cristal Bay, and Broken beach. You will start in Bali at 07.30 am from Sanur beach, our team will pick you up from your hotel in Bali.
  2. East Nusa Penida tour package. The tour package will explore East Nusa Penida on a one-day trip. You will visit Diamon beach and Rumah Pohon. Other locations can be found once on the itinerary.
  3. 2 Days and 1 Night Nusa Penida tour package. This tour package will explore the whole side of the island. It is a perfect choice if you are a small group of travelers or a couple travelers.

Enjoy your trip to Nusa Penida with a great tour agency.

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